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Births Involving Vacuum-Assisted or Forceps-Assisted Deliveries

Assisted Delivery Injuries: Vacuums and Forceps

The doctor is responsible for recognizing the signs of a difficult delivery and acting according to a standard of care. Sometimes the obstetrician may use forceps or a vacuum device in an attempt to deliver the baby.

Although these devices are helpful in delivery, they are also very dangerous. Use of forceps and vacuums can lead to brain injuries, bleeding in the brain, skull fractures, paralysis and other birth complications.

Have you or a loved one’s baby been injured in a forceps or vacuum-assisted delivery?

At The Mahoney Law Firm, P.C., we focus 100% on personal injury and birth injury cases. Our lead attorney, Dennis Mahoney, is a licensed obstetrician who has delivered hundreds of babies. Our legal team is committed to assisting families affected by vacuum-assisted and forceps-assisted birth injuries. Contact our experienced lawyers to discuss your options.

Forceps Delivery

If a baby is stuck in the birth canal, a doctor may use forceps to help move the head down through the pelvis. Although forceps can aid in delivery, they can also cause serious birth complications when used improperly.

Vacuum Extractors: Too Much Force, Too Much Trauma

The vacuum extractor has become more popular in recent years to aid pregnant women in delivery. The vacuum is a tiny suction device that is placed on the baby’s head in the birth canal. Once it is in position on the baby’s head, the vacuum is used to gently pull.

In most deliveries, it is safe to pull only two or three times on the baby’s head. In difficult deliveries, doctors may pull more than two or three times. This action can cause bleeding in the brain, which can lead to serious neurological and brain injuries.

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