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If a C-Section Should Have Been Performed Earlier

Many pregnancies require a caesarean section for the health and safety of the mother and baby. Unfortunately, a delayed c-section can cause great harm to both baby and mother, resulting in potential lifelong effects.

At The Mahoney Law Firm, P.C., we have handled hundreds of birth injury cases, and we are ready to handle yours with compassion and persistence. To schedule a free consultation at our Denver law office, contact us online or call us at 303-800-3168.

The Doctors Should Have Known…

During labor and delivery, the mother is connected to an electronic fetal heart rate monitoring device which is used to assess the well-being of the fetus. This device tracks the heart rate of the baby, as well as the contractions of the mother.

During labor, the fetal heart rate monitoring device will track any signs of abnormalities in the baby’s heart rate. It is the physician’s responsibility to react to those signs, and if necessary, perform an immediate c-section.

There are other tests that are often performed to assess fetal well-being, including a biophysical profile and an amniotic fluid index. If these tests are abnormal, a c-section may be advisable.

Attorney and Physician, Dennis Mahoney

Our lead attorney, Dennis Mahoney, is also a licensed obstetrician. Throughout his medical career, he has delivered hundreds of babies. This unique knowledge and understanding of both law and medicine has proven successful in many past birth injury cases.

Joined by sons Paul Mahoney and Kevin Mahoney, both attorneys, our legal team focuses 100% on medical malpractice and personal injury law. We also assist individuals and families dealing with assisted-delivery injuries and other birth injuries.

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