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The Importance Of Diagnosing Breast Cancer Early


Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorneys Serving Colorado, Oklahoma, and Wyoming

As a result of advances in technology, when breast cancer is found early, it can be effectively treated. However, a doctor’s failure to diagnose breast cancer robs patients of that opportunity for early and successful treatment. Our attorneys have extensive experience helping patients and families obtain compensation for the injuries they sustained because of a failure to diagnose breast cancer.

Our senior attorney, Dennis M. Mahoney, MD is a licensed physician. For twenty-two years of his legal career, he defended hospitals and doctors. In 1990, he began representing victims of doctor negligence and helped patients obtain compensation for their injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered because of a doctor’s failure to diagnose breast cancer, contact our medical malpractice law firm for a free consultation. The Mahoney Firm’s experience with the medical profession allows us to aggressively handle your malpractice case.

Holding Negligent Physicians Accountable

A doctor’s failure to diagnose cancer can take many forms. Some of the situations in which those doctors may be held liable include:

  • Failing to detect a lump during a breast cancer screening
  • Failing to order a mammogram in response to a lump detection
  • Failing to diagnose breast cancer as a result of improperly reading a mammogram’s results
  • Not ordering proper follow-up tests such as a biopsy
  • Misdiagnosis of type of breast cancer by improperly reading a biopsy’s results

If you lost a loved one as a result of a doctor’s failure to diagnosis breast cancer, our medical malpractice lawyers can discuss your options for pursuing a wrongful death case. To arrange for a complimentary case evaluation, please contact us online or call , 303-800-3168.