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What Happens When Nurses Make Critical Errors?

Nurses have important responsibilities, including having regular communication with patients, communicating changes in patients’ conditions to physicians, administering medications and monitoring vital signs during surgical procedures. At The Mahoney Law Firm, P.C., in Denver, we represent individuals throughout Colorado and Wyoming who are injured because of a nurse error. These errors can involve medication, surgery, labor and delivery, or other forms of malpractice.

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Nurse Errors And Birth Injuries

The labor and delivery process involves careful monitoring of both mother and child. Nurses are given the responsibility of paying close attention to fetal monitoring strips. These fetal monitoring strips keep track of the fetus’s vital signs. Failure to monitor the strips and failure to alert doctors to changes in the fetus’s heartbeat can result in tragic birth injuries for mother and child alike. These injuries can include cerebral palsy and other forms of serious brain damage for the baby.

A Variety Of Nurse Errors

Other nurse errors can be traced to mistakes made when medicating patients, communicating with doctors and performing surgical technician duties. Medication errors can include administering an incorrect amount of medicine to a patient, misreading a prescription or giving a patient the incorrect medicine. These mistakes can lead to serious injury and, in some situations, fatalities.

Surgical Technician Errors

In addition to nurses, surgical technicians have the duty to pay close attention to the patient’s condition. Surgical technicians can make mistakes that cause serious injury or even fatalities. For example, if a nurse miscounts the number of surgical sponges at the end of a procedure, the patient can be sewn up with one left inside them, which can lead to a severe post-surgical infection and excruciating pain for the patient.

Nurse Malpractice And Fatalities

If you have lost a loved one due to a nurse error, our firm can help. We understand the anger and confusion that family members often face in the aftermath of this tragedy. Our firm was founded more than 40 years ago by Dennis M. Mahoney, M.D., a licensed obstetrician and attorney. Today the firm’s tradition of providing compassionate legal service to clients injured by medical malpractice is carried on by his sons Paul Mahoney and Kevin Mahoney.

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