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When medical malpractice occurs in the emergency room

By its very nature—a place where sick or injured people gather—an emergency room is sometimes a frightening place. However, this is where Denver residents must go when urgent treatment or care is necessary. Despite the fear, most people trust the emergency room staff to assess their unique situation quickly and prescribe the right treatment. However, medical malpractice can and does occur in an emergency room setting.

Misdiagnosing breast cancer

Colorado residents might benefit from understanding more about medical hazards related to the misdiagnosis of breast cancer biopsies. According to research recently published, breast cancer biopsies examined were misdiagnosed as much as 75 percent of the time. The findings are based on a study involving 100 pathologists who were crosschecked after diagnosing breast cancer biopsies. The expert doctors responsible for the crosschecking reported significant discrepancies from the pool of respondents.

Misdiagnosis may result in harm to the patient

Many doctors in Colorado treat patients appropriately, providing them with proper care. Occasionally, however, physicians make mistakes that might cause harm and financial distress to the patient. When that happens, it may be necessary to evaluate the doctor's diagnosis and treatment choices.

Prepared patients increase the likelihood of a good diagnosis

Residents of Denver who are planning to see their physician may be interested to learn more about steps they can take to make better use of their time with their doctor. Patients who take the time to prepare for their doctor's appointment may be able to reduce their risk of misdiagnosis.

Research shows millions of outpatients are misdiagnosed

Many Colorado residents go to their doctor when they feel that something is off. However, what they may not know is if they receive treatment without being first admitted to a hospital that there is at least a 5 percent chance that their condition has been misdiagnosed. According to a recent report, it is believed that at least 1 in 20 adults who visit an outpatient clinic is misdiagnosed. When looking at the bigger picture, this means that approximately 12 million people are misdiagnosed annually.

Premature diagnosis of death involved in lawsuit

Colorado residents who follow medical malpractice in the news may know that there is a predefined period of time within which a suit must be filed. One case shows that the time frame is intricately tied to when an individual is injured or when the patient discovers they were injured.

Working together to improve patient safety

Colorado patient advocates are watching as a New York conference on patient safety and medical errors drew attendees who wanted to learn more about the topic. The founder of the event shared the story of her baby's death after he succumbed to complications from a tonsillectomy. When he began coughing up blood, she took him to the emergency room, but they sent him back home without finding a problem. The bleeding didn't stop, but by the time the paramedics arrived, it was too late. Although the late diagnosis that claimed the life of her son happened 24 years ago, the events still seem fresh to the mother and motivated her to start a patient advocacy group.

Asthma may often be misdiagnosed

One in 12 people in Colorado and across the nation are diagnosed with health-related breathing issues each year like asthma, which currently affects 25 million people in this country. However, experts report that many suffer a misdiagnosis, and prescription drugs can cause additional problems. A pulmonologist reported that between 25 and 30 percent of people can be wrongly diagnosed.

Study finds chest pain not indicative of heart attack in women

Colorado patients may be interested to learn that the results from a study revealed that chest pain in women was not necessarily indicative of a heart attack. The researchers had hoped that chest pain in women be used as a way to detect acute myocardial infarction during its early stages.

Jury grants disabled boy $26 million

Colorado parents may have heard of a newborn boy who remained untreated for jaundice and eventually developed serious disabilities. He was awarded $26 million in a civil lawsuit in Brooklyn in November. A jury determined that the hospital wrongly released the infant after the mother's complaints of her baby's symptoms to a doctor and to the hospital. Despite the victory in court, she would rather have a healthy son.

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