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Sometimes, the public helps solve auto vs. pedestrian accidents

Not everyone remains at the scene of a Colorado crash even when someone else suffers serious or deadly injuries. When a driver does flee the scene, it could take a substantial amount of time for police to locate the vehicle and driver involved. Fortunately, the public can sometimes provide invaluable assistance in finding the drivers and vehicles involved in all types of crashes, including auto vs. pedestrian accidents.

Pedestrian accidents aren't always fatal, but mostly preventable

Paying attention is vital to a driver's ability to react to unexpected situations and obstacles. It is easy to forget that seconds matter when it comes to avoiding crashes and causing unnecessary injuries and deaths. This is particularly the case in pedestrian accidents where the victims do not enjoy the safety of the cabin of a vehicle. Fortunately, not all pedestrians suffer fatal injuries, but in most cases, their lives never should have been in jeopardy in the first place.

Some hit-and-run bicycle or pedestrian accidents do get solved

When a driver leaves the scene of a crash he or she caused, many unanswered questions remain, especially for families who lose loved ones. Hit-and-run bicycle or pedestrian accidents are no exception whether they take place here in Colorado or elsewhere. Fortunately, with diligent police work, many of the culprits are apprehended, even if they flee to another state.

Pedestrian accidents and spinal cord injuries

Spring provides a near perfect time to get out and go for a walk after being cooped up inside for a good part of winter. Fresh air and mild temperatures inspire many Colorado residents to do just that. Unfortunately, walking also tends to present a significant danger when motor vehicle traffic is nearby. For those who survive auto vs. pedestrian accidents, the risk of suffering debilitating and serious injuries is more of a given than not.

A number of pedestrian accidents happen in parking lots

Most Colorado residents think that the worst part of parking lots is finding the perfect space. In reality, these lots are also where numerous pedestrian accidents occur each year. Some of them result in serious injuries that can cause long-lasting difficulties for the victims.

Pedestrian accidents on the rise in Colorado's 2nd largest city

Denver sees its share of traffic fatalities within the city limits each year. Those numbers are always troubling, and some would say that the numbers of pedestrians who lose their lives is particularly troublesome. This is especially true as the number of pedestrian accidents continues to rise in Colorado's second largest city.

Victim hopes to reduce pedestrian accidents with awareness

How many times have Colorado residents heard that texting and driving is becoming as dangerous as drinking and driving? This form of distracted driving puts the lives of everyone at risk whether they are operating a motor vehicle, riding a bicycle or walking. Many of the crashes involving this activity result in serious and fatal injuries, especially in pedestrian accidents in which the victim lacks the same protections as those in vehicles.

Compound fractures are a real possibility in pedestrian accidents

Walking just about anywhere here in Denver means that you will eventually be either next to traffic or crossing a street. You look both ways and do what you can to keep yourself safe, but you cannot always account for what a motorist will do. If a car strikes you, you could suffer any number of injuries. For example, compound fractures are a real possibility in pedestrian accidents.

Jury says defective hip implants caused harm to patients

Advancements in medical technology have improved the lives of thousands of people around the country, including many here in Colorado. However, some of the devices that are placed inside patients have defects that end up causing harm to patients. One such device manufactured and distributed by Johnson & Johnson and its DePuy Orthopaedics unit has been the subject of numerous lawsuits. In fact, one federal court jury sitting in another state recently determined that defective hip implants caused injuries and substantial harm to the six patients who were the subject of a lawsuit.

Distracted driving and walking equals pedestrian accidents

Distracted driving has always been a problem, but not as much as it appears to be these days. Smart phones have provided numerous benefits to those who use them, but they also serve as dangerous distractions on the roadways. Colorado residents may not realize that it is not just the drivers getting distracted by their phones, but pedestrians as well. When distracted drivers and distracted walkers share the roadways, the results could easily be devastating pedestrian accidents.

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