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Danger: surgical exposure to infectious disease

Going in for surgery is almost always a stressful endeavor. Even the most routine surgeries carry some amount of risk, and the potential for complication grows as the procedure becomes more complicated. In these situations, we count on our care team to keep us safe.

Hospitalized patients can reduce the risk of medical errors

Most Colorado patients expect to be in good hands during their hospital stay. However, a report shows that over 400,000 deaths that occur across the nation every year are the result of medical errors that take place while the patient is hospitalized. While some of the risks of being hospitalized are beyond the control of the medical staff, patients may be able to ease their own recovery process.

High-tech sponges only a start for reducing surgery errors

Colorado readers may be interested in a report released on March 25 that says that leaving objects behind in a patient following surgery is one of the most common surgical errors. An analysis revealed that approximately 2,024 medical malpractice claims are filed each year for this type of surgery mistake.

Surgical checklists have defenders and detractors

Colorado residents may be surprised when they find out how often some serious surgical errors are committed in operating rooms across the country. One technique is being used to ensure that they don't happen, but some new research is questioning its effectiveness.

Teenage girl dies after tonsillectomy

In a case that has grabbed the attention of hospital safety advocates in Colorado and across the nation, a teenage girl was taken off of life support on Dec. 17 after she suffered a number of complications following a routine tonsillectomy. On Dec. 9, the operation took place seemingly without any problems. However, as the girl recovered, complications arose, and blood clots were even coming out of her mouth, according to her mother.

Robot recall increases surgery risks

Patients and families in major cities like Denver may be concerned about another warning issued by Intuitive Surgical Inc. in December 2013. The fabricator of the $1.5 million robot surgical operating system warns that the device stalling could result in a surgical error due to friction in the arms of certain devices. The initial urgent medical device recall was first issued in November 2013, warning that the defect may affect more than 1,380 devices around the world.

Causes of misdiagnoses

Denver residents who visit the doctor with a new medical condition may not be receiving the correct diagnosis for their problem every time. Based on the results of a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, diagnostic errors occur in 10 to 15 percent of doctor's visits about a new condition. Misdiagnosis may not seem like a major issue, but in some cases, it can be as harmful as a surgical mistake. A misdiagnosis can lead to people getting no treatment or the wrong treatment, enabling their condition to worsen over time.

New guidelines address proper disclosure of surgical errors

Guidelines aimed at increasing patient safety during surgery in Colorado and across the country have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Part of the factor in addressing the issue of improved patient safety lies in confronting an established machination of the U.S. medical industry, long characterized by an atmosphere of reluctance by medical specialists and personnel to disclose when a medical colleague makes a mistake.

Surgery on wrong leg results in additional corrective surgeries

Colorado residents facing the possibility of surgery may be interested to hear of a Florida surgery that had unexpected results. According to a report by Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration, a patient who had undergone surgery on July 3 awoke from the procedure at a Daytona Beach hospital to find that her surgeon had operated on the wrong leg.

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