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Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: Driver was allegedly drunk

A fatal crash on July 4, 2014, may see a man sent to prison after allegedly admitting to drinking and driving. The 26-year-old man was arrested by Colorado State Police and suspected of driving under the influence. Fatal motor vehicle accidents in which one or more drivers are believed to have been drunk are often accompanied by serious criminal consequences. 

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: Crash in Colorado leads to charges

Tragedy struck on July 28 after a 14-year-old boy was killed in a serious crash. Colorado authorities responsible for fatal motor vehicle accidents determined the fault lay with the 18-year-old driver who they believe may have been drunk at the time of the accident. He now faces multiple charges in connection with the tragedy. 

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: Woman accused of killing teen

An elderly woman stands accused of running over a group of young boys with her vehicle, causing one death. The Colorado woman was injured in the crash and is currently being treated, but she will face charges when she is released from the hospital. As with many fatal motor vehicle accidents, a larger investigation is in the process of being conducted. 

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: 2 dead in one-car crash

Two people are tragically dead following a single-car crash on the night of July 2, according to local sources. Colorado police, who are responsible for responding to fatal motor vehicle accidents of this type, responded shortly after 10:00 p.m. The names and ages of the people involved in the crash have yet to be released publicly pending notification of next-of-kin. 

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: 2 dead in Colorado

Two people were tragically killed in Grand Junction the night of June 24, according to local sources. Colorado police believe the accident may have been precipitated by alcohol use. Fatal motor vehicle accidents caused by drunk driving are perhaps even more tragic because of their preventable nature. 

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: man dies after accident

A man who was previously involved in a car accident in May has tragically died, according to local sources. Colorado officials who are responsible for handling fatal motor vehicle accidents of this type have confirmed that the crash, which occurred on May 17, has resulted in the death of one man. Police are apparently still investigating the crash.

3 killed in accident that may have involved negligent driver

A fatal motor vehicle accident in Douglas County, Colorado may have been caused by an aggressive driver that "brake-checked" the vehicle that eventually lost control and careened off the road. Three of the people in that vehicle were killed in the accident and one person was injured.

Untreated sleep apnea boosts risks of truck accidents

The hazard we face on the road from drowsy drivers in Colorado is nothing new. This is something we noted in a post back in January. When the drivers involved happen to be operating big rigs, though, the risk of being sleepy behind the wheel escalates and the consequences can be even more disastrous.

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