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Why Are Diabetics Developing Pancreatic Cancer?

Living with Type 2 diabetes can make every day challenging. You have to constantly control your insulin and monitor your blood sugar levels. You may also have to deal with debilitating side effects of diabetes such as vision loss or amputations.

With so much to worry about, the last thing you need is to develop cancer from using a dangerous glucose medication.

At The Mahoney Law Firm, P.C., we are aggressive advocates for those in Denver and beyond who have been seriously harmed by defective or dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. We want to protect your rights, too. If you were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after using an incretin mimetic drug such as Victoza, Byetta, Janumet or Januvia, contact us right away. We are standing by to help you pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.

Attorney Dennis M. Mahoney holds an M.D. degree as well as a J.D. His decades of experience as a lawyer as well as a licensed doctor make him ideally equipped to handle medical malpractice and defective drug cases. Let him and his sons, Paul and Kevin Mahoney, be your diligent legal champions.

The FDA Warns Diabetics About These Drugs

In April 2013, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a disturbing study showing that Type 2 diabetics who took incretin mimetics were far more likely to develop pancreatic cancer than those who did not take them. The 2013 study lined up with another one from 2011, published in Gastroenterology, which showed that individuals taking the drugs Byetta or Januvia in particular were between 2 1/2 and 3 times as likely to develop pancreatic cancer. Because of this danger, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a warning about incretin mimetics.

Did You Take One Of These Glucose Medications?

You should be aware of the potential risks if you are taking (or have taken) any of these medications:

  • Janumet (sitagliptin and metformin), a pill manufactured by Merck
  • Januvia (sitagliptin), a pill manufactured by Merck
  • Byetta (exenatide), an injection manufactured by Amylin Pharmaceuticals
  • Victoza (liraglutide), an injection manufactured by Novo Nordisk

Do You Have A Claim?

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