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Children often suffer due to other people's negligence

Just as other parents around the country do, Colorado parents do what they can to protect their children from harm. Most kids will suffer some sort of injuries as they grow up -- skinned knees, minor cuts and bruises, and perhaps the occasional broken bone from playing too hard. When their children are with them, those parents believe they can keep their children from suffering injuries, especially ones that could change the course of their lives. Sadly, that sometimes proves impossible when the negligence of someone else results in a serious accident.

Some Colorado parents were unable to keep their children from suffering harm at the hands of a reportedly reckless driver on a recent Friday afternoon. As they traveled westbound on Highway 50, the driver of another vehicle decided to speed along the shoulder of the highway and slam into a vehicle occupied by two adults and three children. The impact caused both vehicles to roll over, causing injuries to everyone involved.

Running red lights could end in fatal motor vehicle accidents

Just about everyone, whether they live here in Colorado or somewhere else in the country, has attempted to get through an intersection before the light turns red. Those who made it through the intersection unscathed ought to count themselves lucky because it could have turned out badly. Still others fail to pay attention or are impaired when they do not stop at red lights. No matter what the reason, running red lights can easily end in fatal motor vehicle accidents.

Police say this is what happened recently in a suburb of Denver. At around 2 a.m. on a recent Sunday night, a southbound vehicle occupied by three people entered an intersection on a green light. At the same time, an eastbound vehicle failed to stop at the red light and slammed into the first vehicle.

Couple awarded more than $2 billion for cancer caused by Roundup®

At the heart of most product liability lawsuits is the allegation that a manufacturer failed to warn consumers of the dangers posed by the product. Many of the things consumers buy contain some inherent dangers - risks most people are willing to take as long as manufacturers include warnings and instructions on how to use the product more safely. When they fail to do this, companies expose themselves to serious legal and financial liability.

The best recent example may be landmark rulings in lawsuits against Monsanto, makers of the popular herbicide Roundup. Monsanto, which was purchased in 2018 by pharmaceutical giant Bayer, has been selling Roundup since the mid-1970s and continues to claim that the product is entirely safe "when used as directed." Others disagree, including more than 13,000 plaintiffs who are suing the company, alleging that Roundup exposure causes cancer and other health problems.


Alcohol and teens can lead to fatal motor vehicle accidents

Like teens across the country, Colorado teenagers with driver's licenses do not have enough experience to drive safely unless they consistently and constantly keep their attention on the road. Parents of driving teens know this, and so do insurance companies, which is why policy rates can increase dramatically once a licensed teenage driver is added. Once other factors are introduced into a teen's driving experience, such as alcohol, the potential for serious and even fatal motor vehicle accidents rises even further.

For example, on a recent Friday night, troopers with the Colorado State Patrol responded to the scene of a one-vehicle accident. Upon arrival, they discovered the vehicle and two people outside of it. One of them, a 16-year-old boy, died in the crash. The other unidentified occupant went to an area hospital for treatment of unknown injuries. The other occupants of the vehicle, including the driver, escaped with only minor injuries.

Is a trucking company responsible for your recent crash?

When two vehicles crash, most people assume that the fault lies with one or both of the drivers. Although vehicular malfunctions and weather conditions, as well as traffic issues, can play a role in crashes, it is usually a driver's decision or inaction that leads to a serious collision. However, it is not always solely the responsibility of the drivers involved in the crash.

For example, in collisions involving a commercial vehicle, there may be other responsible parties. Truck drivers can cause crashes easily because of the size of their vehicles. Commercial trucks are much harder to control than smaller vehicles.

Out of control trucks can cause fatal motor vehicle accidents

When cars get out of control, their drivers may not be able to recover. Crashes that result from these scenarios can have devastating results. However, when 18-wheelers are involved, the odds of a loss of control of these vehicles can easily result in fatal motor vehicle accidents.

An accident that recently happened on Interstate 70 here in Colorado unfortunately illustrated this fact in a grand fashion. An out-of-control big rig slammed into traffic on the highway. The crash ultimately involved at least 28 vehicles. So far, the deaths of four people are confirmed. Several others involved in the accident suffered a variety of injuries.

Pedestrian accidents and spinal cord injuries

Spring provides a near perfect time to get out and go for a walk after being cooped up inside for a good part of winter. Fresh air and mild temperatures inspire many Colorado residents to do just that. Unfortunately, walking also tends to present a significant danger when motor vehicle traffic is nearby. For those who survive auto vs. pedestrian accidents, the risk of suffering debilitating and serious injuries is more of a given than not.

One type of potential injury is a spinal cord injury. The impact of a vehicle or even the fall after being struck can provide enough force to cause this injury. Medical intervention is vital when it comes to these injuries. The types of treatment a victim receives depends on the location of the injury and whether it is complete or incomplete.

A sad byproduct of warmer weather: Motorcycle accidents

Warmer weather here in Colorado often brings people out of their homes after a long winter. For those who ride motorcycles more for fun than utility, it is also a time to get out and ride. Sadly, this means that the warmer weather also brings the potential for motorcycle accidents that could easily result in serious injuries.

One of the most potentially debilitating injuries you could suffer in a motorcycle crash is a traumatic brain injury. The first, second and third most common causes of these injuries are falls, hits by an object (blunt force trauma) and motor vehicle accidents, respectively, unless you are age 24 or under, then a car crash moves to number one. As you can imagine, you could suffer all three of these simultaneously during an impact with a vehicle. You could fall off your motorcycle, hit your head on any number of objects and surfaces all while in a motor vehicle accident.

$80 Million Monsanto Roundup Weed Killer Verdict

iStock-1050668698_weed_killer_lawsuit.-smjpg.jpgOn March 27, 2019, a federal court jury in San Francisco returned a verdict of $80 million in favor of Edwin Hardeman, a 46 year-old man who had been diagnosed with cancer after using Roundup weed killer for more than 20 years. The jury concluded that Monsanto had known about the dangers associated with using its product and had failed to provide adequate warnings. The verdict consisted of 5 million dollars in compensatory damages to the plaintiff and his family, and an additional 75 million dollars in punitive damages.

This is the second Roundup weed killer case to go to trial. The first trial took place in August, 2018, and also resulted in a large verdict against Monsanto. The jury in that case awarded 289 million dollars, most of which consisted of punitive damages. The judge later reduced the award to 78 million, and Monsanto has appealed that verdict. 

Report: Pedestrian fatalities in Colorado are soaring

Worried about crossing the street or jogging near traffic in Colorado? If not, you should be, according to recent reports. They show that the number of deadly pedestrian accidents in Colorado has increased substantially in the past decade.

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