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Witnesses play a crucial role in fatal motor vehicle accidents

Even when the mechanics of a crash can be determined from the scene, law enforcement officials here in Colorado and elsewhere require more information in order to complete their investigations. For this reason, witnesses play a critical role in serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents. This is especially true when the seriously injured or deceased party is the victim and cannot speak for him or herself.

Police in Colorado's second largest city are currently asking people to come forward who may have witnessed a crash that took place on a recent Wednesday evening shortly after 5 p.m. From what officers at the scene have been able to surmise, vehicle one slammed into the back of another vehicle on Interstate 25. The impact catapulted the struck vehicle through the grass median into the oncoming lanes of travel.

Issues you face when a hip replacement fails after surgery

Problems with your joints can cause chronic pain and lead to reduced mobility. Many people will suffer through joint pain for years before they finally accept that they will need a replacement surgery, particularly for major joints like the knees or the hips.

The surgery itself is extensive, and the recovery process requires a substantial investment of time and effort. Physical therapy is typically necessary for patients to recover full strength and range of motion after a joint replacement procedure.

A number of pedestrian accidents happen in parking lots

Most Colorado residents think that the worst part of parking lots is finding the perfect space. In reality, these lots are also where numerous pedestrian accidents occur each year. Some of them result in serious injuries that can cause long-lasting difficulties for the victims.

Businesses are encouraged to design their parking lots in a way that helps keep traffic flowing smoothly and protects everyone in them. Even so, Colorado residents could take steps to protect themselves. Keeping one's eyes open is one of the biggest safety tips. This means not being on cellphones or getting sidetracked to the point where someone could miss a distracted driver. 

Not all head-on crashes end as fatal motor vehicle accidents

It would be easy for Colorado residents to believe that every head-on collision ends in death. Fortunately, that is not always the case. People actually do escape from otherwise fatal motor vehicle accidents. Even so, they rarely survive such a crash without injuries.

A driver suffered serious injuries in a head-on collision that recently took place in Colorado. Another vehicle careened into the oncoming lane of travel right into the victim's path. Fortunately, the resulting impact was not violent enough to cause death.

Winter weather can contribute to fatal motor vehicle accidents

Anyone who lives in Colorado for any length of time knows that driving through the state's mountains during winter can be treacherous. Drivers need to take extra care since many of the roads can easily get slick and lead to fatal motor vehicle accidents. Even the smallest mistake behind the wheel could be deadly.

Winter weather may have contributed to a recent crash near Inspiration Point. A road and bridge worker spotted a vehicle some 400 yards off the roadway down the cliff. At the point where the vehicle was seen, the drop off the side of the road is anywhere between a 70 and 80 degree slope.

Should you take Zofran when you're pregnant?

Your morning sickness while you're pregnant makes it nearly impossible for you to leave the house. You're miserable for weeks, and you still have months to go. You start looking into medications that can stop you from vomiting and end this ever-present nausea.

That's how you find Zofran. It's often used after chemotherapy, surgery or radiation treatment. Can you take it while you're pregnant?

Liability in fatal motor vehicle accidents may not be easy to see

A loved one is gone. He or she was violently, suddenly and unexpectedly ripped from a family in a crash. There is no bringing that person back, but it may be possible to pursue justice, closure and restitution after fatal motor vehicle accidents. The problem may be determining who bears legal liability for the death.

Some Colorado residents may think the answer is obvious -- the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident. Where that may be true, it may not be that simple. When looking at the issue of fault, it may not be quite so obvious who caused the crash. While it may be true that one driver cut off another and caused the victim driver to attempt an evasive maneuver that failed, the actions of the victim driver also come under scrutiny.

Traumatic amputation a real risk in motorcycle accidents

For many Colorado residents, the freedom that riding provides outweighs the risks. Even so, many motorcycle riders keep in mind the fact that they are quite vulnerable to serious injuries if involved in motorcycle accidents. One of the injuries they could suffer is traumatic amputation of a limb.

As the name implies, a traumatic amputation is the loss of a limb in a sudden and violent manner. These don't occur due to a medical condition. Sometimes, the force of a collision is powerful enough to sever a limb, especially for a motorcycle rider who has little protection from other, larger vehicles.

Pedestrian accidents on the rise in Colorado's 2nd largest city

Denver sees its share of traffic fatalities within the city limits each year. Those numbers are always troubling, and some would say that the numbers of pedestrians who lose their lives is particularly troublesome. This is especially true as the number of pedestrian accidents continues to rise in Colorado's second largest city.

A crash that occurred on a recent Wednesday night pushed the number of pedestrian deaths to 44, which is a high that the home of Pikes Peak has not seen since 1986. In fact, in that year, 43 deaths occurred, so this latest accident breaks that record. In fact, the number of pedestrian deaths has risen dramatically in just the past two years.

Begin your truck accident recovery immediately

Here in the wild states that make up the American Southwest and Midwest, long stretches of highway may run hundreds of miles, connecting small communities and major cities, and carving through mountains and plains alike. While these roadways are certainly beautiful to take in, they are also potentially very dangerous, especially when sharing the road with large commercial trucks.

Of course, these large trucks often outnumber the other consumer drivers as they dutifully haul goods from one place to another and keep our systems of commerce flowing. Unfortunately, when large trucks have accidents, the results are often catastrophic.

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