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Essure will no longer be available in the US after Dec. 31, 2018

Numerous women across the country, including many here in Colorado, may be happy to hear this news. Essure was already a controversial -- and permanent -- method of birth control after women began suffering from severe complications associated with the device. Bayer, the manufacturer of the device, announced that it was pulling the product from the U.S. market due to a drop in sales, but others say it is due to the ever-increasing number of lawsuits filed against the pharmaceutical giant.

Essure is a device implanted into a woman's fallopian tubes. In order to prevent pregnancy, the device creates substantial scar tissue that effectively sterilizes a woman in whom the device is implanted. Even if it worked as intended, women began experiencing significant and potentially life threatening issues from its use.

It only took jury 8 hours to decide talcum powder harms women

Colorado women may not know that as early as 1971, scientists began alerting people that cervical and ovarian tumors removed from women contained talc. Further research studies are divided regarding whether using talcum powder in the genital area causes ovarian cancer. Even so, numerous juries in courts across the country have held Johnson & Johnson liable for the ovarian cancer suffered by women who say they used the company's Baby Powder for years.

The most recent verdict against the pharmaceutical giant took the jury just eight hours to reach. It held the company liable for a woman's ovarian cancer to the tune of around $550 million in compensatory damages. The jury also assessed punitive damages against the company of $4.14 billion. As part of this and other cases, the victims allege that it is not just talc in the products that causes cancer, but asbestos as well.

Spinal Injuries can take you out of the workplace for good

Spinal injuries remain one of the least understood injuries in public knowledge, especially when it comes to "moderate" spinal injuries. A severe spinal injury is devastating for the victim, but at least this type of injury is a bit easier to understand than moderate or mild instances of spinal trauma.

In a severe cases, the victim is clearly paralyzed and needs constant assistance just to perform basic functions of living. It is easy to understand how such an injury cuts off many opportunities for work immediately. However, with less severe injuries to the spine, it is not always easy to understand what the injury affects and what it does not.

Alcohol contributes to many fatal motor vehicle accidents

Regardless of the warnings, people here in Colorado and elsewhere continue to get behind the wheel after drinking. They risk their lives and the lives of others and could cause fatal motor vehicle accidents that are ordinarily entirely preventable. When that happens, families are torn apart and people lose their lives meaninglessly.

Police suspect alcohol in a recent crash involving a bicyclist who died after being struck by a vehicle on June 23 early in the morning. As the 37-year-old man lay dying, the 33-year-old driver fled the scene. Reports do not indicate how long the victim was laying in the street before being discovered. He succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

Cause of fatal motor vehicle accident remains under investigation

The Colorado State Patrol investigates numerous accidents on Interstate 25. Determining the factor or factors that led to each of them may be evident from the scene, but others may be more elusive. When the crash involved is a fatal motor vehicle accident, one potential source of information regarding the cause is not available, which could make the investigation take longer.

For example, troopers with the Colorado State Patrol responded to a crash on Interstate 25 on a recent Saturday morning. It involved one vehicle that ended up crossing from the northbound lanes into the southbound lanes, at which point it flipped before finally coming to rest along a frontage road. The two men in the vehicle were both thrown out during the crash.

Can some fatal motor vehicle accidents be prevented?

How often do Colorado residents hear about vehicles traveling the wrong-way on a highway or crossing the centerline on a two-lane road? Sometimes, those involved in these dangerous situations manage to get out alive, but often, fatal motor vehicle accidents result that devastate families and communities throughout the country. These accidents may not happen as often as other types of crashes, but when they do, it is often with devastating results. What if it was possible to prevent a head-on collision?

Drivers may only have seconds to make decisions that could save their lives. It may help to already be armed with some information regarding what to do when a vehicle heads straight for them. One of the most important pieces of advice is to never veer to the left of a vehicle headed in the wrong direction. More than likely, any last minute maneuver by that driver would be to get back into his or her lane.

Popular nausea drug Zofran can cause serious health issues

Most people want to believe that prescription medications are safe for use as recommended by doctors. However, even when most people take a drug without any serious issues, other people can have reactions. These could range from allergies to death in severe cases. Some drugs can also cause birth defects if taken during pregnancy. That's why drugs administered to pregnant women undergo much more scrutiny than other medications.

Zofran is a drug that many doctors choose to prescribe to people who suffer with chronic nausea or vomiting. That can include morning sickness during pregnancy. It's important to understand that like most drugs, Zofran carries a risk of side effects and unintended consequences for its users.

Investigating a fatal motor vehicle accident could take time

In some crashes, a thorough review of the scene reveals what happened. However, not all accidents are so easy to dissect in the first hours after they occur. This means that a fatal motor vehicle accident could take time for Colorado law enforcement officials to investigate, during which surviving family members must wait to know what happened to their loved ones.

For instance, Highway 83 here in Colorado became the scene of a recent tragedy. The two vehicles were traveling in opposite directions on the highway shortly before the crash. For an as yet unknown reason, the two vehicles then collided head-on.

Is speeding worth risking fatal motor vehicle accidents?

Just about everyone who has driven a car has done it -- speeding. The posted speed limits indicate the maximum safe speed of a particular roadway, but that does not stop many Colorado drivers from exceeding those limits. For whatever reason, many people will risk being involved in fatal motor vehicle accidents in an attempt to get to their destinations a few seconds faster or to avoid slower traffic.

People speed for a variety of reasons. Most Colorado drivers can understand that being late may make a person decide to push the speedometer past the posted speed limit, but that does not make it safe. Just because a driver is running late does not give him or her the right to put someone else's life at risk. Impaired drivers often end up speeding as well due to a lack of judgment, lowered inhibitions and a false sense of control.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: 1 dead in Colorado

Otero County was rocked after a single-car accident claimed the life of one teenager and injured another. Colorado State Patrol is still in the process of investigating the accident, which happened on Highway 109. Fatal motor vehicle accidents of this type are sometimes attributed to drug or alcohol use on the part of the driver, but this one is not.

According to the report, around 1 p.m. the afternoon of April 29, an SUV was traveling north on Highway 109 when the 17-year-old female driver appeared to lose control of the vehicle. The SUV left the right side of the road and re-entered it as the driver overcorrected. The car then again left the right side of the road before overturning.

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