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Taking action after experiencing Zinbryta side effects

Zinbryta, otherwise known as daclizumab, was approved by the food and drug administration (FDA) in May 2016 to treat those suffering from relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS). While studies showed that it was effective in reducing the severity of MS relapses in many patients, a wide range of side effects were monitored.

After at least three fatal cases were recorded due to some of the more severe side effects of the drug, the FDA as well as the European Medicines Agency decided to withdraw the drug because they believed that it posed more risks than benefits.

What can you do after your insurance company denies a claim?

To people on the outside, insurance systems can sometimes seem like a pyramid scheme or outright scam. In reality, insurance is a heavily regulated industry with careful underwriting and in-depth policies that explicitly break down the coverage available to the individuals who purchase them.

Insurance companies have a legal obligation to fulfill their end of the contract by paying out on legitimate claims made by valid policyholders. Most companies will uphold their policies but will do their best to minimize how much they actually pay out. Unfortunately, even people with legitimate claims sometimes find themselves facing a claim denial by their insurance company.

Sometimes, the public helps solve auto vs. pedestrian accidents

Not everyone remains at the scene of a Colorado crash even when someone else suffers serious or deadly injuries. When a driver does flee the scene, it could take a substantial amount of time for police to locate the vehicle and driver involved. Fortunately, the public can sometimes provide invaluable assistance in finding the drivers and vehicles involved in all types of crashes, including auto vs. pedestrian accidents.

Sometime prior to 6:40 a.m. on a recent Saturday morning, a woman was involved in a crash involving two vehicles. As she crossed the street in order to speak with the other driver involved, a third vehicle struck her and left the scene. Emergency personnel arrived and took the woman to a hospital in the area, but her injuries were too severe. She passed away at the hospital sometime after her arrival.

Justice in fatal motor vehicle accidents could take time

When Colorado residents lose a loved one in a violent and sudden act, they ordinarily want answers, closure and justice. Unfortunately, it could take some time to receive what they need in order to move forward -- whether it comes from the criminal justice system, the civil court system or both. This is often the case even in fatal motor vehicle accidents.

A case that started over one year ago recently came to a conclusion. On July 24, 2018, two people died in a car crash on Highway 24 here in Colorado. One driver attempted to pass a vehicle, but ended up moving directly into the path of a dump truck coming from the opposite direction. The dump truck maneuvered to avoid the collision and ended up colliding with a third vehicle.

Speed often contributes to tragic motorcycle accidents

There is a saying that has been around for almost as long as the automobile -- "speed kills." This is in reference to a situation where speed can cause a driver to lose control. An out of control vehicle in Colorado can become a very dangerous weapon and cause serious accidents. Often motorcycles are involved and the outcome of such motorcycle accidents is often fatal. Add alcohol to the mix and it is a recipe for disaster.

A motorcycle and a speeding pickup were in the same place at the same time and the outcome was tragic. The motorcycle was headed south when it was struck from behind by a reportedly speeding pickup truck. The truck did not stop immediately following the collision, and the man who had been on the motorcycle was reportedly dragged for at least 600 feet. He was then apparently thrown into the roadway and struck by a passing minivan and was pronounced dead at the scene.

You need to build a case for compensation after a brain injury

Different kinds of injuries create different hurdles and complications. If you hurt your brain in an accident, it can be particularly difficult to prove the exact nature and symptoms of the injury. Compared with a fracture or a spinal injury, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) create a much broader range of potential symptoms.

The symptoms that impact the life of someone else may not exist at all for you, despite your injury being severe. The variety of symptoms and difficulty that can come with connecting symptoms to an accident can make it unusually difficult for people with TBIs to connect with the compensation that they need when an injury affects their earning potential and financial stability.

Colorado woman succumbs to injuries in fatal auto accident

Any driver here in Colorado or elsewhere can make a deadly mistake on the road, but younger drivers tend to make them more often. If they are lucky, no one gets seriously hurt when that happens, but there are no guarantees. Unfortunately, the mistake made recently by an 18-year-old driver resulted in a fatal auto accident.

The woman and her 19-year-old passenger were headed north in an SUV when she failed to obey the red traffic signal and began a left-hand turn. A southbound vehicle that had the right of way could not avoid colliding with the passenger side of the vehicle. The woman driving the SUV suffered only minor injuries. 

Not all motorcycle accidents are the fault of other drivers

A great deal of accidents involving these two-wheeled vehicles result from drivers in other vehicles not seeing them, not paying attention and more. Still more motorcycle accidents result from the actions of their riders. When these drivers have passengers who trust them, they should use the appropriate amount of caution, but that does not always happen. The people who entrusted their lives to them often suffer serious injuries or lose their lives.

According to the Denver Police Department, a passenger on a motorcycle apparently put her trust in the wrong person. Shortly after 11 p.m., the motorcycle slammed into a parked car. The impact was violent enough that the passenger on the vehicle suffered severe injuries to which she succumbed at the scene. The driver survived and was taken to a hospital in the area with unknown injuries.

Pedestrian accidents aren't always fatal, but mostly preventable

Paying attention is vital to a driver's ability to react to unexpected situations and obstacles. It is easy to forget that seconds matter when it comes to avoiding crashes and causing unnecessary injuries and deaths. This is particularly the case in pedestrian accidents where the victims do not enjoy the safety of the cabin of a vehicle. Fortunately, not all pedestrians suffer fatal injuries, but in most cases, their lives never should have been in jeopardy in the first place.

Most accidents that occur here in Colorado or elsewhere are preventable if drivers keep their attention on the road. An unlucky pedestrian found this out the hard way recently after suffering serious injuries. Responding officers report that the victim was legally crossing the road at the time of the crash.

Pillows designed for babies recalled over suffocation risk

New parents usually get a crash course in just how dangerous the world is for infants while preparing for the birth of their child or after they bring their new infant home. The hospital will probably warn you about letting the kids sleep in your bed, while social workers will be quick to tell you that killer couches are a major concern to.

Parents might go out of their way to search for products that will be safe for their children. It's only natural to assume that a product marketed as an infant pillow would be safe for young children. Unfortunately, as with many other products, just because something gets marketed a certain way doesn't mean it is safe to use.

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